What is your Blog Recipe?


Writing a blog post is so much easier and faster when you use a fixed structure. It is a lot easier to write when you have absolute clarity on how your blog post is set up. So, let’s use a structure. The most convenient way is to view this as a recipe.

Just like a recipe for your favourite dish or treat, such as a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. A well-working recipe will list the number of servings, the ingredients, and required utensils, the order, the cooking instructions, and the end result.  It is the exact same way with blog posts.

What does the blog recipe serve?

Your Blog Recipe



What does your Blog Recipe cost?

What does your Blog Recipe cost?

Only you can put a value on what your Blog Recipe is worth to you business. What value do you put on a new customer, when he or she becomes your client, based on one of your blog posts? Perhaps, this is more than you may think.

However, I don’t ask any payments from you. You can request your Blog Recipe free of charge.
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