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Do you keep hearing you should be blogging for your business? And would you like writing blog posts to become something simple, fast and structured? If so, then you have the exact and perfect reason to take part in the online Blog Cafe, where you will write your next blog post using a unique system.

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  • You know why you want to blog, you have plenty of ideas, you know you are capable, yet blogging regularly doesn’t happen. How can you write in a structured, fast, easy, and unique way?
  • What should a blog post include, what is a good structure, a logical order, and how do you make sure you’re engaging with your readers?
  • Wouldn’t you love to have a valuable database of blog posts to entice, engage, and attract new clients and inspire your readers?

Online Blog Cafe

So, would you like be confident in sharing your valuable content with your readers, prospects, fans and clients in the most simple, fast, and authentic way? Wouldn’t you just love to eliminate the unnecessary stress, time, effort and energy that blogging causes you? Would you like my priceless help and the input of other entrepreneurs? So that blogging becomes a piece of cake for you, too?

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I will give you a strategy and a structure so that blogging becomes a piece of cake. A strategy and a structure that I have used myself for years and that have proven to be successful for hundreds of entrepreneurs. That is why the Blog Cafe is priceless – and I am offering you my time and expertise.

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You will be working in the Online Blog Cafe with:

  • The ingredients of an effective and valuable blog post. What will you put in? Which is the best writing order? How do you structure your blog posts? How do you ensure nothing is missing? I will show you the strategy that has been bringing me clients and assignments for years through my blog.
  • The key to fast and authentic content writing. Writing is a skill, and skills can be learned. Authentic writing is easier than you think, as soon as you know how. I will teach you exactly how and let you experience this for yourself, because I am certain that you can learn this, too. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have experienced this with my approach.
  • The power of questions. That is a bonus within the Blog Cafe. You will discover how questions are the secret game-changer of blogging for your business. This secret is a magic ingredient of the blog recipe!

What are others saying about the Blog Cafe?

I attended Saskia’s Blog Cafe and found it to be very insightful! I was somewhat sceptical at the notion that I could have a blog post drafted in less than 20 minutes but did jus that!I’ve no doubt I can create many many more blog posts, I feel a lot more comfortable now that I have a ”formula”. Saskia is also a delight to work with, caring, a great listener and full of wisdom and insights. Ami Kahn LinkedIn profile
A lot of useful info, sensible tips, and you will start writing your blog post, there and then. It’s  not just theory, which is a strong point of this workshop Joanke Sierksma De Essentie
Clear and structured info on blogging, in a short time, and inspiring. Lisette Tiggelaven Reflexologiepraktijk Lisette
You really must attend, very educational. Wilma te Paske – Wilma te Paske 
You will get very good tools – safe, to the point. You will take away a blog post in which you will recognise your own depth. Martina Gijsbers Vrouwenvallei
When you attend the Blog Cafe, you can learn a lot, gain insights, and come away happy, with great tips and tools. Hanneke van der Kam Qi Bright
The Blog Cafe inspiring, when you got stuck with your blog. Clear, simple, useful tools to implement immediatelyPauline Eisenga Blij zijn met jezelf 
Saskia heeft ons hele duidelijke informatie gegeven hoe je in zeer korte tijd een blog kan schrijven. Juist de tijdsdruk zorgt ervoor dat je blog dicht bij je spreektaal blijft en daardoor authentiek is. Heb je deze workshop nog niet gevolgd het is zeker een aanrader.Else Marijke Iburg – Job Joy 
Waarom je naar het BlogCafé moet gaan:- praktische tools voor het bloggen (recept)- grappig – luchtig qua tekst- je komt met andere en nieuwe ideeën thuis- ineens sta je niet meer alleen voor je blogMaria Simons Gezinscommunicatie 

Take action NOW!

Would you like to blog for more clients? Would you like to show your TRUE self as the expert in your field? Are you ready to blog with confidence, with less stress, write authentically, and learn to write blog posts fast? Then I whole-heartedly invite you to book your place in the upcoming Online Blog Cafe.

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