Special Offer 1 Hour Blog Intensive


You’re serious about building your business blog. And you love sharing engaging content that brings in clients and turnover. Now it’s time for you to step up and start blogging weekly, systematically, with as little time, effort, stress and energy as possible.

It is time for the 1 Hour Intensive

This is for you if you:

  • Haven’t got a lot of time yet want to make maximum impact
  • Want more visibility without having to invest no more than 10 minutes a day

What will you walk away with after this intensive?

Detailed BluePrint for 10 blog posts

Title for each of the 10 blog posts

Call to Action for each of the 10 blog posts

Top tips for writing, publishing and sharing your blogs posts

All this for the special price of only € 350 during this month only, instead of the normal € 498

1 HOUR Intensive
Imagine what this will mean for you and your business….

  • 10 weeks of content written by you
  • you’ll be 10x-ing your 1 HOUR
  • 10 times visibility in the  most engaging way
  • 10 times peace of mind
  • system that can be repeated time and time again
  • more clients
  • more comments
  • more turnover
  • more fun
  • more free time

Just by writing for only 10 minutes each working day for 10 weeks
using a simple system that can be repeated time and time again.

BOOK your place NOW and become the Master of your Blog

All you need to do is:
1. Pay € 350 using this link
2. Email me via info@blogatelier.nl
3. In that e-mail, Include your name, link to your website, the language of your choice (Dutch or English), and the link to your Facebook page.

And I will contact you to book your VIP 1 HOUR Blog Intensive with me!

Let’s get your Legace online!

Love, Live & Leave your Legacy