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Mind the Gap


Do you have aspects about your business that you run smoothly, with ease and according to plan? Aspects you don’t worry about, never cause any problems and usually run like clockwork? I do, too. For me that is blogging and writing content… and I imagine you might have something else in mind. And that is fine. But you know the feeling, I’m sure. And recently, when I visited London, a city I love and feel very much at home in, it suddenly clicked that things that run smoothly can make you oblivious to the obvious. Continue reading

Stop the structure struggle


How do you structure a blog post?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get time and time again. And I want to help you with that as clearly as I can in this post. And don’t worry, lots of entrepreneurs struggle with structuring. You’re not alone and it is easy to fix, once you know how. Let’s start cooking! Continue reading

Treat your blog like a super source


I love sharing with you what I have learned. If there anything I have learned from all my years of business blogging, it is that your blog is a Super Source. I’d love to tell you about this, because I never see this posted anywhere about blogging. And when I speak about your blog as a super source, I speak about impact! How does it feel for you to have real impact on people, organisations, groups, businesses, and on the way we think? That’s just amazing, isn’t it? Continue reading

At a loss for topics…


“Search and you will find” – everyone knows that expression. Yet, when it comes to finding great blog topics, you may not be so sure how to make that work for you. Are you sometimes – or even regularly – at a loss for new topics? Would “the search and you will find” paradigm be so easy for you and your blog? I couldn’t possibly answer that question for you. And I am not even going to try…. Continue reading

Are you ready to write?


In a world where so much wisdom, knowledge, information, and valuable content is delivered by the written word, it can be totally paralysing if you cannot write well, or rather when you are convinced you cannot write well. Blogging may feel like an insurmountable hurdle. And, trust, me, I know the feeling. I have been there. Trained as a construction engineer, loving numbers, calculus and anything I could count, add, subtract or multiply I grew up fully convinced that language and writing were not part of my skills, talents and achievements. Continue reading

Is het waar dat bloggen veel tijd kost?


Bloggen kost tijd. Dat kan ik beamen. Dat bloggen teveel tijd kost, daar zit hem de kneep. Is het waar dat bloggen veel tijd kost? Nee, dat is namelijk helemaal niet zo. Dat denk jij. Dat zijn gedachten. En meestal zijn gedachten helemaal niet waar. Ook al geloof je ze wel. Daar weet ik alles van. Heb ik zelf heel lang last van gehad. Niet van die gedachten, want ja, die geloofde ik. Die gedachten klopten, vond ik. Nee, ik had last van de consequenties van die gedachten… en ik dacht dat het aan iets anders lag. Ik dacht dat het aan het bloggen lag, en dat dit voor mij niet zou werken, dat dit me teveel tijd zou kosten. Dus heb ik het wekelijks bloggen uitgesteld. Heel lang uitgesteld… Continue reading

Hoe zet je jouw blog in je handtekening?


Het belang van je blog als handtekening van jou en hoe je die kan gebruiken voor je e-mails heb ik in mijn vorige blog geschreven. Het mooie is dat ik daar veel vragen over kreeg, op mijn blog, in de mail en via sociale media. Vragen over hoe je dat nu doet. Daar beloofde ik een antwoord op te geven. En voilá: hier deel ik met je hoe ik dat doe. Continue reading