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Silly thoughts

You may well feel you’re the only one in your field who doesn’t have a blog. And that this makes you feel silly. Well, so long as you feel silly, your blog won’t happen. Why? Putting yourself down isn’t going to get you into the right frame of mind to put your valuable content into a nice, pleasant, value-packed blog post… is it? Continue reading

7 blogging mistakes you want to avoid


Let me share with you what has been part of my journey: in 2003 I started to blog as a freelance translator. I knew nothing about marketing. I had never heard of target audience, and I most certainly had never given any thought to who my ideal readers could be. All I knew was that I had a unique combination of experience, knowledge and style, as a construction engineer and translator Dutch & English. That is what I wanted to blog about. So I did 🙂  Continue reading

Clear Your Blog Fog


What is Blog Fog?

Clarity is King. Blog Fog will stand in the way. When you are not entirely clear what your main purpose of your blog is, then you have a problem. Why? Well, not only will wil show in what you write, how you write, what topics you will cover, and slow you down. You won’t connect with your readers, your content will be safe but superficial. Continue reading

How to start a blog from scratch?

Interesting, isn’t it, how clients, prospects and total strangers can always ask surprising questions? Questions you never come up with, yourself? Does that sound familiar? Well, it happened to me… and – at the time – it would never have occurred to me that it might be a good idea to share how you start a new blog, a blog from scratch? Yet, I received this question many times (and I still do), so here goes. My view on how to start your journey towards blogging success… let’s start! Continue reading