Are you a self-employed and female entrepreneur and are you an expert in your field?

And are you having trouble writing content for your business
Would you prefer to write your next content swiftly, worry-free, and congruently?

1. Engaging texts for your website?
2. An attractive e-book?
3. Relevante blog posts?
3. Personal e-mail sequences for your mailing list?
4. Valuable messages on social media?
5. That book you've always wanted to write?

I am Saskia van de Riet and it is my mission to make the women's vision far more visible. I know exactly where you're coming from.

Are you the kind of female entrepreneur that I used to be? The one that felt responsible for everything, put yourself at the bottom of the list of priorities, always serving your clients, because you know how good you are at what you're doing? A mother, who senses in every fibre of your body that you have valuable stuff tos share with the world?

And still never seemed to manage to write consistently. Is struggling to write that e-book you do believe in? Is feeling frustration about your web texts, yet cannot seem to find the right words easily? Thinking you'd have to do it all by yourself? Because you have so much on your plate? I so very much recognise all of that... This is exactly how I felt for years, in my business.

Lucky for me I found a way of doing all of that, in the end. Because I discovered who I truly am. I spent years investing in that. In coaching, in personal development which led to my finding clarity on my purpose, my talents, and my mission. I can now see my path ahead of me with utter clarity, which is precisely why I can help you to discover the writer in your.

If you are really serious about discovering the writer in you, then I am most deeply inviting you to join me for a complimentary discovery session. to get to know me, and to get to know the way I work.

It is my mission to make the female vision of entrepreneurs far more visible, and this is why I Write for your Business I have developed a programme so you can discover the writer in your, which will enable you to make your desire to write for your business come true, this year.

Live, Love & Leave your Legacy

PS - You can work with me in English or in Dutch: the choice is all yours!