Ontdek de Schrijver in Jezelf

Ontdek de Schrijver in Jezelf is a programme I've developed for female solopreneurs, like you, who wish to discover the writer in them.

I'd love to introduce you to this programme and to the way I can guide and support you. How would it be for you to discover the writer in you?

These are also questions you will definitely get answers to:

  • How will you awaken that writer in you?
  • How will you write that book that will bring you clients?
  • How will you write a book that is totally unique and authentic?
  • How will you learn to write in a way that will make you irresistible?
  • And how will you be able to do so, with as little effort, energy, stress and time as possible?

To answer those questions I am inviting you to join me for a complimentary discovery session. So you can get to know me and the way I work. This information morning is practical, clarifying and immediately implementable in your business, and is exclusively meant for solopreneurs who wish to write.

This is precisely, however, why I want you to think about this beforehand. If you are certain that you can commit to the investment of money, time, yourself and your content, then you will be able to decide on the spot if the "Write for your Business" Programme is for you.

In sort: if you are seriously prepared to do so, then you cannot afford to miss Kennismakingsochtend "Discover the Write in You" .