Pain is really necessary

As a passionate solopreneur you have the best of intentions for your clients. You want to do all that is in your power to offer solutions… In your business texts you share enthusiastically what you have to offer. Writing about pain, such as problems, fears, and challenges is a different kettle of fish. Still, you are in fact short-selling yourself and your readers if you skip mentioning the pain they’re suffering. How does work, exactly?

Why would you want to describe the pain?

Readers are in a hurry, they’re easily distracted, have lots on their plate, and wish to discover quickly if your text is relevant to them. In short, your readers wish to resonate with you. When you do not describe their pain, they will not resonate, which in turn means they have no motivation to read on. Their hunger to the solution is not being fed. So, chances are they won’t read on and they won’t realise how much you have to offer. The worst part is: they won’t take any action. Despite the pain they’re suffering.

What if readers do not resonate?

Readers are people. People from flesh and blood. With their feelings, frustrations and challenges.As soon as those readers resonate with your text, based on their pain, problems, or challenges, they are touched in some way. They will feel connected with what your writing, and with you. The intensity of the attention with which they are reading your content increases. That is what creates a personal connection between you and your readers. This inevitably implies that the hunger for the solution you’re offering is being fed. Without that recognition, there is not motivation to read, no hunger to feed by any solution. Your readers wish to avoid pain. So, they want to read what it is that you can mean for them, and act upon the solution you’re offering.

What is a beautiful way to describe pain and problems?

Your readers’ pain can be described from a place of recognition and understanding and and respect . Not only for your reader, but also for the emotions that can follow. You know as the expert only too well what is bugging your readers. Not only from personal experience, but also from your experience in your business. There’s a lovingness at the root of this. Something you can do with all of your experience, knowledge, feeling, and respect your carry inside of you.

Speak from your heart, from your compassion and your wish to really help and support your readers. The intention you’re writing with, is the energy with which it can be read. You are offering clarity, openness, and you are inviting them to find the courage to embrace the solution. In short,you never describe pain to cause depression, but to teach them to learn about themselves: that they have a very good reason indeed to act, with your support!

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Write for your Business .

Live, Love & Leave your Legacy Saskia xx