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Is promotion really hurting your blog?

When you promote your blog, you’re in ‘selling mode’. And blogging for your business has nothing to do with selling. Blog promotion creates conflict, and jeopardises the desired outcome. So yes, promotion is really hurting your blog.

Have you ever thought anything like this:

  • Gosh, I hope people won’t mind me sending me their blog post…
  • I’d better not send too many emails with blog posts to my list…
  • Won’t people see my regular blog posts as spam?
  • Are people really wantig to read my blog posts?
  • What will they think about my blog post?

If this resonates with you, you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs who want to blog for their business – and also those who are blogging for their business – know such thoughts. One of the main reasons is that you read everywhere that you should be promoting your blog. If you want my advice? Then stop promoting and start presenting!

Why should you stop promoting and start presenting your blog?

Promoting your blog puts you in the ‘wrong’ frame of mind. You are coming from a place of selling, spamming, forcing yourself on people… Whereas you’re not. Not even close. But when you think this way about your own blog, this has impact on how you write, what you write, and the energy you’re giving off to your blog, your readers, your clients and everything inside you and around you when you’re blogging. That’s what I mean by creating conflict and jeopardising the desired outcome.

Choosing presenting over promoting is really powerful. Please do check out this article I wrote about the Power of Presenting as it gives you tips that will help you with the practical side of presenting.

What I want you to understand is that what stops you from presenting over promoting is fear. And believe, me, I know all about, too. I used to be scared to annoy my readers with “too many blog posts”, and I, too, used to be afraid of speaking my mind on my blog, thinking it might put people off. And it fear that keeps you small, It’s the fear you must let go off. Stop treating your blog as if you’re selling something. You’re not. You’re not selling, you’re not promoting: you are sharing value. Blog post after blog post, you’re sharing your value. You’re sharing gifts with your readers. And when you get into that frame of mind, your readers will sense that, too. If you believe in the value of your blog, then so will your readers. That is why your should forget promoting your blog, and start presenting is. Make the change, starting now.

What can you do to present your blog with impact?

Which is more important to you? Sharing value? Or helping many people? Yes, you’re right. That is a trick question 🙂 You would want both for your blog. You are offering value AND you’re helping many people. Writing the blog posts ensures the first, presenting your blog posts ensures the second. For the desired outcome and true impact, you want to maximise both 1 and 2 and blog with impact.

Presenting with impact has only one major requirement: writing from the right frame of mind. From wanting, need, trusting to share value. That is secret. Forget your fears. Let them be. Ignore your fears: do it anyway. You know you have tons of value to share – so share that value, bit by bit, blog post by blog post. I have a personal interest in you: I know what blogging can mean for your business and I am passionate about getting you there, too. So, the best way to help you on this topic is blog about it. And offering you my personal tips to you, if you are willing to share your thoughts.

So…. what I really, really would LOVE you to do is this:
Share the thoughts that sometimes keep you in the selling frame of mind and I promise you I will give you my personal tip how to override that on your blog. Will you do that for me?

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