De taal van je moeder, hoe zit dat?

Vandaag is het precies 90 jaar geleden dat mijn moeder werd geboren. Ze is begin 2018 overleden, na een veelbewogen, vitaal en vervullend leven. 
Voor mij is ze altijd een groot voorbeeld geweest, en daar heb ik vandaag dit bericht op Facebook over geplaatst: Toch wil ik het graag over iets anders hebben, omdat taal en tekst mij nu eenmaal boeit, en omdat - voor de meeste mensen - je moeder van grote invloed is op jouw taalgebruik. Continue reading

Het draait allemaal om wat je denkt

Heb jij wensen? Zou jij iets willen veranderen aan je blog? Zou je betere blogartikelen willen schrijven? Zou je meer lezers willen aantrekken? Zou je meer impact willen maken? Zou je graag meer vertrouwen willen hebben in de werkelijke waarde van jouw blog? Zou je de connectie met je lezers willen verhogen? Zou je willen dat meer mensen komen lezen en je blog ook voor je delen? Zou je willen dat jouw blog jouw expertise duidelijk overbrengt? Continue reading

Hoe leesbaar is jouw blog?

Wonderful stuff, you’ve done it: you’ve written your blog and it’s been published online.
Visible to all. Fantastic! And, what’s even more fantastic, is that your blog is also highly readable for all. That is what you want, after all, isn’t it? That your blog is not only seen but also read. Read, from start to finish. So, I have a question for you: are you deliberately using smart layout and formatting to enhance readability? Continue reading

Overwhelm by feedback


Have you ever asked for feedback on online content that you’ve written, before you felt comfortable or were ready to publish it? A blog post perhaps, or a page for our website? An e-book or content for the promotion of a new product or workshop? And has it ever happened to you that you got back so much feedback that was all useful, yet conflicting? Continue reading

Positioning is not for you…

Positioning is not for you…. That is what I hear from my clients. Positioning is for the big guys, large businesses, with enormous marketing budgets. That’s what they say. I don’t believe a word of that. Positioning is a must for every single entrepreneur. Make sure you do it well. Continue reading

The need for inspiration

Entrepreneurs like you are always looking  for inspiration, and what better time than the beginning of a New Year to do that? You are looking to create a new business year with more success, news challenges, and more personal growth. Inspiration is essential to nurture growth and success, so it begs the question: “Where do you find inspiration?” Continue reading

Tell me how!


How do you live, love and leave your legacy?

Now that’s a great question, isn’t it? A clear question, too. I find the answer isn’t so clear at times and I particularly felt this recently. What happened, you might wonder? Well, another great question. What happened, indeed? Let me take you 20 years back in time…:

Continue reading

6 P's for Permanence

The 6 P’s for Permanence

Permanent blogging is a given. Blogging is addictive. Blogging is long term strategy that will yield so very much. Your business will benefit greatly, you clients will benefit greatly and you will benefit greatly from blogging. You must blog, you must continue, and you must persevere and be blogging permanently. Not because I say so, but because you can’t afford to not blog. You’d be paying a huge price for not blogging. So do your clients, and that is just not on, is it? Continue reading

The Zen of Rituals


Blogging is on of my most favourite rituals. It hasn’t always been this way. I have overcome fears, cleared limiting belief and let go of insecurities. Writing blog posts became easier and easier for me, in the process. To the point where I now am totally zen about blogging. Continue reading