Word meester van je Engels - Ingrediënten

Objective: Create a 6-step plan for Mastering your English

Get to know me and experience the ways in which I can liberate you from what is currently stopping your  you from creating a relevant, engaging and active blog that people want to read. Create a blog vision and a 6-step plan to get an active blog off the ground for your business. Discover the 6 ingredients for your blogging strategy and take away the next steps for your blog.

Jouw ingrediënten

Jouw investering

  • 1 hour of your time in a one-on-one zoom call with me (worth €125)
  • Een donation of € 30 voor de Durlstone Foundation - een goed doel dat ik waardeer en steun.

Het is belangrijk dat je zorgvuldig overweegt wat jouw specifieke doel is dat je wil bereiken voor je blog.

Following this initial Ingredients session we will discuss any following programme sessions and practical details to get your blog off the ground and enable you to become the Master Chef of your English.

So, if you feel you are truly ready to start your journey of becoming the Master Chef of your English, then book your Mastering Your English Ingredients session with me, now, by sending me an e-mail to info@blogatelier.nl

Live, Love & Leave your Legacy
PS – Your sessions with me can be in English or in Dutch: the choice is all yours!