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Objective: Get to work with a Master Plan for your English

Get a working Master Plan for building your vocabulary, confidence, and command of English, whether it is in the spoken or the written word, so you can follow a clear, easy and specific route to Mastering Your English.

Jouw menu


Jouw investering

  • 6 weekly one-to-one sessions of 60 minutes face-to-face.
  • Helderheid en content creëren voor elk van de 6 essentiële ingrediënten.
  • 1 evaluatiesessie
  • You will  have access to e-mail and/or whats’app contact with me during all of the six weeks.
  • € 900 (betaling vooraf)
  • Prijzen zijn per persoon - alle betalingen dienen vooraf te worden voldaan.
  • Er wordt geen BTW in rekening gebracht.

Upgrade to the Master Chef Programme

Up until and including the fourth week’s session I am offering you the opportunity to upgrade to the Master Chef Programme, without any additional costs. You will only pay the price difference between Mastering your English Menu and Mastering Your English programmes. To ensure that all programmes are concluded appropriately and in alignment with the set goals, this upgrade transition is not available upon completion of the 6-week Menu Programme.

So, if you feel you are truly ready to start your journey of becoming the Master Chef of your English, then book your Mastering Your English Ingredients session with me, now, by sending me an e-mail to info@blogatelier.nl

Live, Love & Leave your Legacy

PS - je kunt met mij in het Nederlands of in het Engels werken: aan jou de keus!