Blended Blogging – Personal Blog Review

Personal Blog Review

You have written a number of blog posts. You feel free to write blog posts, you know your target audience, and yet, you’re not entirely sure how you can make your blog more personal. How can you move to Blended Blogging? What is wise, what isn’t? How do you make your blog posts more personal, attractive and engaging – without burdening or putting off your immediate circle of family and friends, or your clients… ?

What if I told you that I have years of experience in doing precisely that?
Experience I am highly committed to sharing, so that you can learn this, too?
Well, I’ve got news for you:

It is time for your Personal Blog Review

What will you get exactly from this Personal Blog Review?

A short questionnaire to enable me to offer you personal and relevant feedback on your  3 draft blog posts

A coaching call via Zoom of 60 minutes in which you will discover how you can blend your personal story into your blog posts

Personal feedback on those same  blog posts you have adapted in line with the first Zoom call with me

A second coaching call via Zoom of 60 minutes in which you will experience how you can optimise your personal story into all of your blog posts.

All this for the special fee of only € 350 (this month only)
instead of the regular price of 
€ 532

Just imagine what this would mean for you and your business…

  • 3 powerful, personal and inspiring blog posts
  • an investment of 2 hours of your time resulting in the skill of blending your personal story into your business blog
  • 3 times the confidence in your own unique & personal blogging style
  • 3 times a blog post that will connect your readers to your authentic self
  • transformative insights that you can apply to any aspect of your business
  • a strategy that can be rinsed and repeated endlessly for all of your business content
  • more ideal clients
  • more ideal readers
  • more comments
  • more turnover
  • more personal development
  • more fun in writing
  • more self confidence

BOOK your sessions with me NOW and become the Master of Your Blog

All you need to do is:
1. Pay € 350 using this link
2. Email me a message via to let me know that your payment has gone through.
3. Include in that same e-mail, your name, the  link to your website, the language of choice for you (English or Dutch) and the url to your Facebook Page.

Then, I will contact you to put the wheels of blending blogging into motion and set a date for your Personal Blog Review calls with me!

Let’s get your Legace online!

Love, Live & Leave your Legacy