Saskia van de Riet

Are you a passionate and ambitious entrepreneur, and an expert in your field? Do you want to build an inspiring blog for your business? Would you like to make a difference, and build your blog as a legacy blog? So you can impact your clients, and their clients in return? Do you want to inspire people and build a valuable personal legacy that makes you a true example for the next generation?

Yet, you’re not quite confident yet, how you can build you blog in this way. You find it challenging to start blogging. It’s not easy to find the right topics for your blog posts. You’re worried that your blog posts aren’t good enough. It’s frustrating that you’re not sure HOW you write a good blog post, WHY it costs so much time, and HOW much stress it can cause. You know how important blogging is for your business, but you just can’t build your blog on your own. You need my help.

My name is Saskia van de Riet and I believe in the power of entrepreneurs like you. I also believe that your contribution is built on passion and expertise. I am sure that you, too, can fulfil the vision I have for you, and that the world really needs your contribution. I truly believe in my vision for business blogging, for the BlogAtelier Foundation, for entrepreneurs worldwide, and for you:


Leave your Legacy
I believe that blogging for your business is a process of which “Live, Love & Leave your Legacy” is the result. You live and breathe what you do as an entrepreneur. You do business from and with love, and that will turn into your legacy, as you wish to share it, and pass it on. Live, Love & Leave your Legacy.

Legacy is what you wish to leave behind, after you’ve passed, and what you wish to be remembered for: your personal heritage. By building your personal heritage – your legacy – word by word, phrase by phrase, step by step, and blog post for blog  post, you will grow as a person, as an entrepreneur, and as inspirator. Each day you will benefit from this. Use your blog to share your passion, your contribution to a better world, and to build your legacy. I know that the world will thank you for this. That you may be abundantly rewarded by this, and that can start every new day full of faith and energy to do what you love best.

Why do I want to help you?

I can look back on a varied professional career. Trained as a technical professional, a construction engineer (calculus, calculus, and more calculus), I worked many years full time in the construction industry, specialised in concrete structures. And I loved it, too! In 1989 I moved to England, quite an adventure. For seven years I worked as a hospital planner. Not the aesthetic design, no, the practical, logistic, technical layouts of those hospitals. And in the process, I discovered my knack for languages. I spent four years offering Dutch Conversation lessons in adult education. And eventually, the penny dropped. Language & Technology were a good fit for me, and writing is a skill anyone can learn.

Eventually I worked as a fulltime translator of Dutch and English, once i had returned to the Netherlands. And I set out to learn how to blog for my international translation agency. The unhappier I became about the world of translation, the happier I became blogging for my business. It soon became very clear to me: I had to turn business blogging into a business 😉

What makes me truly happy is to teach and guide female legacy entrepreneurs how to create content for their business in an intuitive way, so they can live, love, and leave their legacy. Each and every one of these women have powerful stories to share, and to do so it requires of them to step into their greatness and share their powerful gifts with the world. That is my contribution to a better world. In my programmes I teach and guide you – step by step – how I became the Master Chef of my blog. I will teach you, show you, guide you and champion you, in a clear, structured, supportive and loving manner. It is my desire for you to become the Master Chef of your business blog.

So, if you feel you are truly ready to start your blogging journey becoming the Master Chef of your Business Blog, then book your Ingredients session with me, now.

Live, Love & Leave your Legacy

PS – You can have your calls with me in Dutch or in English, the choice is all yours!