YES, I wish to book Saskia as a speaker

As the Legacy Content Builder, my main motivation to speak is to inspire women entrepreneurs and to empower them to live, love and leave their legacy. Speaking and inspiring is in my blood.

Legacy Content Builder Vision

I love speaking about writing from the heart, writing authentic, true, intuitive content for your business. And how you can monetise your business blog in an infinite number of ways, by connecting to your audience and weaving in your personal story.

I love to draw from my unique combination of expertise, talents and passion gained in both the UK and the Netherlands, from the building industry, the language industry and personal development.

It is my mission to liberate female entrepreneurs from all the obstacles that get in the way of authentic, intuitive content creation and legacy blogging.


Everyone has a story to tell. Every entrepreneur has an infinite source of gifts to offer to the world. I am set on passing on the W.R.I.T.E. model of  legacy blogging:
Write – Read – Inspire – Transform – Enjoy

mission to liberate 2 million female legacy entrepreneurs

I believe in 
the power of female entrepreneurs and I believe that they have valuable gifts to share with the world. I believe that you can fulfil my vision for you by blogging for your business. I believe the world needs your contribution.

Are you interested in booking me as a speaker?
My speaking fee  starts at € 1.500

When I speak, I empower, I motive, and I liberate.
The question is, are you up for it?

YES, I  wish to book Saskia as a speaker