Testimonial Blog Experience


You’ve got many wonderful clients who are raving about what you have meant for them.
Now it’s time to leverage your business success and achievements by going for the highly engaging and transformational testimonial blog experience that will serve your business for a long time to come. These are blog posts that showcase both your expertise and the greatness of your happy clients you’ve served. This goes a long way towards building that amazing online legacy of yours in a sustainable way.

You are currently sitting on your testimonial escrow, a volcano of value. Let some of that highly valuable and intense lava flow, down to the very foundation of your online presence, so it can nourish your business to grow and blossom. All the credibility you have been building for years will then support you continuously to grow your reach, your impact, your business, your visibility, and your legacy.

Let’s create your Testimonial Blogs together

All you need to do is

  • Book your 1 HOUR intensive call with me
  • Create and send three questions to three of your happiest clients
  • Share their answers with me

And then I will create your Testimonial Blog Experience!

Volcano of Value

What you will walk away with after this experience is:

One testimonial blog post for each of your three clients

A proven and effective system for presenting and sharing these blogs

Three now ecstatic clients who can freely share their experience with you

Access to a unique social proof strategy unlike any other you’ve used before

Top tips for writing, publishing and sharing your blog posts

All this for the special price of € 598 during this month only,
instead of the normal € 798.

Imagine what this will do for you and your business….

  • three powerful & personal testimonial blogs
  • social proof to share endlessly
  • evergreen testimonials
  • fertile basis for acquisition
  • 3 times visibility in the most engaging way
  • 3 highly engaging lead magnet articles
  • 3 lifetime ambassadors
  • a system that can be repeated time and time again
  • warm leads, hot prospects, more clients
  • more money, more fun, more free time

BOOK your place NOW and access your Testimonial Blog Experience

All you need to do is:
1. Pay € 598 using this link
2. Email me via info@blogatelier.nl and include your name, link to your website, the language of your choice (Dutch or English), and the link to your Facebook page.

And I will contact you to book your Testimonial Blog Experience with me.

Let’s unlock your magic!

unlock your escrow





Let’s give your online Legacy a Transformational Boost!

Love, Live & Leave your Legacy