The why of a blog supply


The year 2014 posed a major blog challenge for me. With all my blog targets for the new year still fresh in my mind and having plenty of motivation and energy to reach those targets, I had announced my plans for 2014 to the world…


Suddenly… things changed. Very unexpectedly. I assume you have also set your blog targets for the New Year…. so I am very curious to find out if anything of what happened to me in January 2014 resonates with you.

One Saturday morning my Dad became unwell. The doctor arrived, we exchanged information and some six hours later my Dad was admitted to hospital, having had a stroke. My mum has Alzheimers and cannot live by herself. I am the only adult blood relative of my parents, and suddenly all my plans went overboard... Much of my time and energy went to caring for my elderly parents, who until then had been my guides, my mirrors, and inspirational examples in my life. Now, they had become dependent on me.

This – or something very similar – will happen to a lot of people. It may well be that you have had something similar happen to you. In that case, you will know that the activities you had planned to do for your business won’t possibly be receiving the same amount of time and attention. The lesson this particular situation taught me was that this was a major cause of stress. I became well aware of the need and desire to organise things differently. Also when it comes to blogging…

Each and every blogging entrepreneur I implore to realise the importance and advantage of having a good supply of blog articles. The reason being that even in the best of circumstances this will avoid stress, and will make your life as an entrepreneur easier. Only… my supply of blog articles had just run out… During all of those years I had been blogging, I had had a supply of blog articles at the ready. Somehow, this January, my supply had run out. Bad timing. Lots of stress… I should have known better. Make sure this won’t happen to you!

A supply of 10 articles or more can truly save you! Your business doesn’t have to come to a halt, in the case of personal emergency. You may fall ill, take a long holiday, lack inspiration, or be heavily involved in a home refurbishing project: in short, plenty of reasons and cause for not having the time or the inclination to write new blog articles. Let alone publishing and sharing those, or moderating comments….

Unless… your have a supply of blog articles. So, make sure you have that supply. Make sure you have at least 10 blog topics you can write about. Then write two articles each week. That’s how you build a supply of one additional article each week… a bank of four articles each month. Ensure you upload then as draft articles, including the messages with which you wish to share those via social media platforms. And, if need be, outsource the moderation of blog comments to someone you trust.

Let my experience be of benefit to you! Create your blog supply! If you need it, you’ll be very grateful you did. However, what I wish for you is that it will have an averting affect for you: I wish for you that you will never need this supply, and that – at the same time – you will enjoy having it, as part of you daily business.

Do you have a supply of blog articles ready to be published? Or do you have other tips? Please share you tips to avoid this type of blog stress, and leave a comment on this post.


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4 thoughts on “The why of a blog supply

  1. Veron Goemans

    I totally agree with you Saskia, it is necessary to have a stock of blog articles. But unfortunately I don’t have that. For me blogging is still an issue on its own, without the stock :-).
    Good to know that when I start blogging frequently I also have to take care of the stock. Thank you for reminding.

    1. Saskia van de Riet Post author

      You could also turn it around, Veron… write three blog posts, before you publish number three… then write one blog post a week… you will have two in your emergency supply, until you need it. Perhaps you never won’t, but you will still have the benefit in peace of mind that you have two spare ones…

  2. Marielle

    I do not have a supply of NEW blog articles.., but I do have a supply of OLD articles. I have more than 200 articles on my blog and sometimes I use a blog again. Depending on time and topic. For example: If I have a training about writing an ebook I use the old blogs about this topic to send to my mailinglist. In combination with my offer for the training.

    1. Saskia van de Riet Post author

      That is still a very valuable supply, Marielle, you’re so right! And it’s great you highlight here how consistent blogging has all sorts of benefits….


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