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I love sharing with you what I have learned. If there anything I have learned from all my years of business blogging, it is that your blog is a Super Source. I’d love to tell you about this, because I never see this posted anywhere about blogging. And when I speak about your blog as a super source, I speak about impact! How does it feel for you to have real impact on people, organisations, groups, businesses, and on the way we think? That’s just amazing, isn’t it? Super Source

And the good news is: this is really doable! I discovered this for myself. Which is why I like to talk about impact. Impact is a powerful word, with an even more powerful meaning. Impact is about moving people, inspiring people, get people into motion, yet also about influencing on a larger scale: more people, more generations. This, in turn, creates a sense of fulfilment. Coming full circle. You know what you have to do, and more and more people get to benefit.

What is the “impact” of your Super Source?

Let’s stay with impact for a bit. Just to make sure you know what I mean by impact. Not what I mean for myself, but what I man for YOU. For your clients, for the world, for your descendants, biological or otherwise. The term “impact” holds a lot: movement, range, effect, scope, reach, influence, consequence. That’s what I’m talking about. With your knowledge, your experience, your speciality, your wisdom, and your life experience you can establish that impact with your blog. How cool is that?

I would love to share with you, show you and encourage you to believe that blogging has a major impact. Much more than you might think. And I would love to illustrate this in a practical manner, since I have discovered that your blog is a super source for impact. A super source that has the capacity by writing, publishing, and sharing your blog posts full of knowledge, experience, vision, value and tips lay the foundation for inspiring your clients, prospects, followers, family and fans.

Does this sound vague? Yes? No? Maybe? A little?

This is where vague ends!

Your entire collection of blog posts – regardless of this comprising 2 or 200 posts – forms the the super source and is the foundation for everything you have to offer! It is the source for:

  • your e-book for your prospects, full of tips & tricks
  • your book which establishes you as an expert in your field
  • your online programme
  • an e-mail sequence for your clients
  • video
  • programme with a video sequence
  • new blog posts
  • free incentives
  • promotional material
  • marketing posts
  • tweets
  • FB posts
  • challenge of 5, 10, 30 days (whichever number tickles your fancy) on Facebook
  • LinkedIn posts

Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list: this is only the beginning! Are you beginning to see the range of opportunities your blog have to offer, to you, your business and your clients?

BUT: beware… don’t go and do it all at once. Choose one spin-off from your blog and start working focusing on that. I promise you won’t regret it!

These are some examples that my blog has yielded for me:

1) My booklet “Blogging with Impact”. No longer available but this was on sale for two years (in Dutch), and was also offered as a gift to my clients who took part in my blogging masterclass.

2) Your Free Blog Recipe: a gift for entrepreneurs who request my free-of-charge blogging subscription. The Blog Recipe is the core of my workshops, seminars and masterclasses, making blogging easy.

3) My videos on my YouTube Channel

4) The BluePrint for my next book “The Confident Business Blogger” – I am currently working on that book and I am also currently drafting a special presentation for this book for female entrepreneurs networks.

Well, has this given you ideas for your own business? Can you see more potential for your blogs? Are you eager to make infinite impact with your blog?

Please leave you comment here on HOW you will TURN your blog into the Super Source for your business. The world is waiting for YOUR super source and I am very much looking forward to your response!

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4 thoughts on “Treat your blog like a super source

  1. Veron Goemans

    Hai Saskia, an eye-opener for me that I can do so many things with my blogs (when I write one). The only opportunity I saw before reading your blog was to put the blogs together in an e-book. But you have given me so many more possibilities.
    Thank you very much. Looking forward to your next blog.

    1. Saskia van de Riet Post author

      Yes, you’re right, Veron. There are endless possibilities for your blog posts. I have just discovered a new way, even, and I will be sharing this on my blog here, soon.

  2. Josine

    Hey Saskia!
    This is it! You are so right!
    At this moment I am working on a small book for one of my customers and it includes his blogs!

    Me myself I blog every 2-weeks, and I believe I am getting better at my business, at understanding my target audience because I write. I look for new knowledge, I share my knowledge and know more every time I write.

    Thanks for your Impactful blog!

    1. Saskia van de Riet Post author

      Very good, Josine, I love reading this from you. And you’re absolutely correct: writing gives you insights, offers your gems for your audience, and yes, by writing regularly you do become a better entrepreneur, too!


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